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If you've ever been in a sports bar, you have probably taken part in a sports trivia game. There is often a level of respect given to the guy who knows the most obscure sports trivia answers. Well here is your place to train for that title. This website will test your sports knowledge with all skill levels of sports trivia where no sport is off limits. New questions added daily.
1. Which of the following NHL players was not a part of the 'Legion of Doom' line for the Philadelphia Flyers during the 1990s?
  A: Eric Lindros B: John LeClair C: Mark Recchi D: Mikael Renberg
2. Who holds the National Hockey League record for all-time regular season goaltender wins with 551?
  A:Ed Belfour B: Terry Sawchuk C: Patrick Roy D: Jacques Plante
3. Who was the only player in NHL history to score a goal in all five possible game situations in the same game: even-strength, power-play, shorthanded, penalty shot, and empty-net.
  A: Wayne Gretzky B: Gordie Howe C: Brett Hull D: Mario Lemieux
4. Who was the last Nation Hockey League player to score '50 goals in 50 games'? (meaning 50 goals in the first 50 games of the NHL season)
  A: Brett Hull B: Mario Lemieux C: Cam Neely D: Alexander Mogilny
5. Who hit the ball that rolled through Bill Buckner's legs in game 6 of the 1986 World Series which lead to the Redsox losing the game and eventually the series.
  A: Ray Knight B: Gary Carter C: Mookie Wilson D: Darryl Strawberry
6. Who was the only golfer in PGA history to make a hole-in-one on a Par-4 when he did it in 2001?
  A: Tom Byrum B: Tiger Woods C: Andrew Magee D: Jonathan Kaye
7. What rookie golfer entered the 1991 PGA Championship as the 9th and final alternate, when no else could make it, and went on to win the tournament.
  A: Vijay Singh B: Ernie Els C: Robert Gamez D: John Daly
8. Who holds the Major League Baseball record for most consecutive games with a hit?
  A: Pete Rose B: Joe DiMaggio C: Ty Cobb D: Paul Molitor
9. Which one of the following MLB players is not a member of the 40-40 club? (40 homeruns and 40 stolen bases in a single season)
  A: Barry Bonds B: Vladimir Guerrero C: Jose Canseco D: Alfonso Soriano
10. What Toronto Maple Leaf player scored the overtime goal against the Montreal Canadians in game 5 of the 1951 Stanley Cup Finals to win the leafs the Cup?
  A: Sid Smith B: Bill Barilko C: Max Bentley D: Ted Kennedy
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11. Who is the only man to play a Major League Baseball game and an NFL game in the same day as well as the only man to play in both a Super Bowl and World Series?
  A: Jim Thorpe B: Deion Sanders C: Bo Jackson D: Danny Ainge
12. What pro basketball player holds the record for the most NBA career points with 38,387.
  A: Michael Jordan B: Wilt Chamberlain C: Karl Malone D: Kareem Abdul Jabbar
13. What athlete appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated a record 49 times?
  A: Jack Nicklaus B: Michael Jordan C: Muhammad Ali D: Magic Johnson
14. What former Calder Trophy winner for NHL Rookie of the Year was also the winning pitcher and MVP at the 1989 Little League World Series?
  A: Tony Amonte B: Scott Gomez C: Chris Drury D: Martin Brodeur
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