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Boxing Trivia Questions

1) Who is the only undefeated/untied heavyweight champion in pro boxing history with a 49-0 record.
  A: Sonny Liston B: Rocky Marciano C: Floyd Patterson D: Joe Louis
2) On March 8, 1971, Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier fought each other for the first time. What was the nickname given to this fight?
  A: The Thrilla in Manila B: The Drama in the Bahamas C: The Fight of the Century D: The Rumble in the Jungle
3. Who won an olympic gold medal at the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul Korea when he defeated future world champion Riddick Bowe by a second round technical knockout?
  A: Lennox Lewis B: Donovan Ruddock C: Evander Holyfield D: Roy Jones Jr.
4. Who is the only boxer that has defeated Oscar de la Hoya twice?
  A: Bernard Hopkins B: Shane Mosley C: Felix Trinidad D: Fernando Vargas
5. Who is the youngest man to win a heavyweight title belt?
  A: Mike Tyson B: Floyd Patterson C: Evander Holyfield D: Michael Spinks
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