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Football Trivia Questions

1. What was the only NFL team in history to play a 'Perfect Season', ending in a Superbowl win?
  A: Miami Dolphins B: Denver Broncos C: Green Bay Packers D: Dallas Cowboys
2. During the 4th quarter of the AFC Championship Game on January 11, 1987 the Denver Broncos lead by quarterback John Elway took the ball 98 yards to tie the game with 37 seconds left in regulation. This became know as 'the Drive' What team were they playing?
  A: Oakland Raiders B: Cleveland Browns C: Seattle Seahawks D: New England Patriots
3. What NFL player layed the hit that injured Drew Bledsoe early in the New England Patriots 2001 season leading to Tom Brady taking over and leading the Pats to an 11-5 record and Superbowl win?
  A: Mo Lewis B: Marvin Jones C: Sam Cowart D: Jonathan Vilma
4. What National Football League player holds the record for most career touchdowns with 208?
  A: Marcus Allen B: Jim Brown C: Jerry Rice D:Emmitt Smith
5. What NFL team won both Super Bowl I and Superbowl II?
  A: Oakland Raiders B: Buffalo Bills C: Miami Dolphins D: Green Bay Packers
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